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בנייני משרדים

Car wash Solutions For Companies

Our professional team will arrive at your office's parking lot equipped with our professional gear and will take care of your worker’s cars with an ecological manual car wash experience

A great way to relieve your company workers from distractions and get them more focused at work or even at home in their spare time
Join hundreds of happy customers and start saving water, Co2, and time today!

Order our service In five simple steps

Choose the bundle that suits your company

You can choose the bundle that best suits your company's needs. The larger the bundle, the cheaper the rate per car!

Get a personal platform for managing and monitoring the washes!

We create a personal managing platform for you to see the number of cars being washed, a car wash schedule, customer satisfaction reviews, and a whole lot more!

דאשבורד עם נתוני חסכון על השטיפות
מערכת הרשמה לשטיפת רכב

We create a system 
dedicated uniquely to your company for booking the service

Mazel Tov 🥳 Now when we are officially friends we can get to work!

We create a simple booking platform for you to arrange your car washes so that in less than a minute your company workers will be able to schedule a wash.

 We arrive on time with our professional ecological equipment

Our skilled and devoted team works with a unique professional kit that allows us to wash a car with only 4 liters of water (instead of 40 liters at car wash salons!!) . A manual car wash can assure you receive the best wash for your car!

שוטפים עם חולצה ורודה שוטפים רכב
רכב מלוכלך ונקי

Your employees receive Before & After photos of their car and approve the service

Our customer satisfaction is our first priority.
At the end of every wash, your employees will receive photos of their car pre-wash and after-wash, that way you can be sure of our car wash quality even from afar. If our staff missed a spot (which will never happen) we will come back and clean it until you are satisfied.

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